MC-019 - Toy Story Master Craft - Aliens

SGD 330.00


Release Date: Q2, 2020 (Between April - June)
Model: Toy Story Master Craft Figure (MC) MC019
Product Measurements: Approx. W28 x D27 x H26 cm
A fully upgraded, enlarged version of Toy Story’s lovable Three Eyed Aliens, ready to rock your world!
Beast Kingdom, the Global Entertainment Experience brand, once again proudly presents the latest in the Master Craft high end series of collectables: Toy Story Aliens. The cutest cosmic Aliens to ever grace our screens can now grace your very own desk. The Master Craft Diorama at 10inches in height, follows one of the Aliens as he rides a coin operated machine. With a sense of wonderment in his ‘three’ eyes, what adventures awaits this squeaky, otherworldly toy?
The Master Craft series continues the beauty of fine craftsmanship, with an all hand painted, fully detailed sculpture that pops with subtle details, including a detailed flying saucer control panel, joysticks and a weathered looking base.
For fans looking for the finest in collectable Toy Story dioramas, this Master Craft Alien release will sure to please and impress!