MC-016 Justice League Master Craft Batmobile

SGD 980.00


Everyone has that one car they dream of having, so are you ready to now own one of the coolest vehicles on the planet? Your very own Batmobile? In the most recent Justice League Movie: Batman showcases an upgraded Batmobile with heavy power and high-tech functionalities, a must to defeat the army’s set on Earth by the evil Steppenwolf! A sleek, yet with a battle-tank aesthetic, this latest Batmobile has won over the hearts of fans the world over.
The Master Craft series continues to showcase Beast Kingdom’s craftmanship in creating the ultimate collectable dioramas.
The latest in the series: Justice League Batmobile once again brings the highest level of details from the car body design and paintwork, down to the individually sculpted details such as the loading guns, battle damage, the tread on the wheels, light up function on headlights, and a dynamic damaged base showing the vehicle in the midst of battle!
For those who demand the very best, make sure to take home the ultimate in Batmobile collectibles, and showcase one on your desk today!
Product Measurements:Approx L40*W23*H25cm
Product Material: POLY
Key Features:
-Presenting a dynamic design of the Justice League Batmobile.
-Recreation epic road battle damage with the uniquely modelled base.
-Individually hand painted body and base, offering a realistic depiction of the famous vehicle.