LS-075 Avengers: Endgame Iron Man Mark 85 Deluxe 1:1 Life Size Statue

SGD 28,000.00


Release Date: Q3, 2020 (July - September)
Model: LS-075 Iron Man MK85 Deluxe (Life Size) LS075
Product Measurements: Approx. 215cm
I’m Iron-Man, the last words uttered by arguably the most famous Marvel character from the MCU yet, echoes in the hearts of fans and heroes across the world! Fans finally learn that with or without the suite, Tony Stark will always be a man with ‘The Will Of Iron’!
The ‘Avengers Endgame’ was the culmination from over 10 years of world building by the ‘Marvel Cinematic Universe’! With Iron-Man himself kicking of the franchise it was befitting that he alone would save the universe one last time before handing over the mantle to a new generation of Avengers! The last suite Tony Stark wore, the Mark-85 is a marvel in its own right. Combining advanced Nano technology, and a striking new design, Iron-Man is seen here wearing the ‘Nano-Gauntlet’, designed to house all 6 infinity stones. An immensely heavy reasonability is placed on Tony’s shoulders, but how will he save the universe from the evil Thanos?
In order to create the ultimate in realistic life-size recreations, Beast Kingdom, ‘The Entertainment Experience Brand’ has painstakingly combined years of experience to present a 1:1, hand painted life-size FRP standing at 215cm in height and featuring a host of unique additions. With car-grade, high quality transparent red and gold paint, the domineering figure has a metallic finish and detailed battle damage that pops to life. The suite, with light up infinity gems, eyes, palms and more features at least 10 lighting points for realistic effects. The statue is matched with an exquisite glossy silver base with the ‘A’ Avengers logo, giving it a high-end sheen, fit for any setting.
In addition to the “Mark-85 Regular Edition”, Beast Kingdom will also launch the “Mark-85 Deluxe Edition”, including all the bells and whistles from the regular edition with even more added extras. The deluxe version adds, six light up heavy duty cluster-guns to the back wing and light up Nano-sword attachment added to the left hand, weapons that are familiar to all, as featured during the battles with Thanos!
The Beast Kingdom Mark-85 regular and deluxe edition Iron-Mans are the ultimate in life size FRP design, a testament to the character and creativity from the Marvel universe!