Ironman MK50 1:1 Lifesize Bust by Queen Studios Exc

SGD 2,000.00


Queen Studios / Marvel

Iron Man MK50(Standard edition)Limited Edition

66.5cm ( L )【With Nano booster wings】/ 35cm 【Without Nano booster wings】 66cm ( W ), 80 cm ( H )

The Mark 50 Iron Man suit is Tony Stark’s fiftieth suit and was used to battle Thanos and his allies in Avengers Infinity War. The Queen Studios MK50 follows the design from the movie very closely. Compared to other models, the armor is much sleeker and less segmented, featuring more red, yellow and a hint of silver.

The Queen Studios Mark 50 suit also comes with detachable “nano booster wings”. In the movie, the “nano booster wings” provide extra speed and stability when needed, and are a unique feature to this model.