EAA-100SP Iron Man Hulkbuster Egg Attack Action Figure (SE LIMITED TO 1,000 UNITS WORLDWIDE)

SGD 330.00


✰ A limited edition of 1,000 individually numbered pieces worldwide! 
Release Date: Q3, 2020 (July - September)
Model: Iron Man Hulkbuster (EAA) 100SP
Product Height: Approx. 21cm
• Based on the designs seen in The Avengers 2: Age Of Ultron
• 8 inches in height, with 20 movable joints
• Three replaceable hands, with light up chest, calves, eyes and back
• Removable helmet with a MEA MK43 head inside
• Includes one plasma shock add-ons
• One impact plasma shock add-ons
• Three pairs of replacement hands, including:-
• One pair of clenched hands
• One pair of relaxed hands
• One pair of attack hands
A new limited repaint edition EAA-100SP Hulkbuster Mark 44 for fans of sleek collectibles. Limited to only 1,000 pieces worldwide stock on up on the new black and gold version of Hulkbuster!