Brown n Sally Piggy Bank - Line Friends

SGD 215.00


Brown and Sally are teaming up to help you save money! 

A costume party unlike any other!
A pair of piggy banks with a little bit of fun attitude!
A large design ready to store your cash, whilst looking stylish at the same time!

Beast Kingdom’s ‘Entertainment Experience Brand’ joins LINE FRIENDS to introduce collectors and savers to a pair of vinyl piggy banks from two of the most well-known LINE characters. Brown joins Sally in a costume party and an extra-large design that will not only store a large amount of your left offer coins and notes, but also act as a pair of wonderfully cute figurines! Brown is ready to show-off his very own Cony inspired bunny costume complete with a Sally designed over the shoulder bag, whereas Sally herself is dressed in a Brown costume with a Cony bag. A little confusing? Once you see them both, the overload of cuteness will definitely make you forget!

So make sure these two are both collected side-by side and save up for all your Beast Kingdom collectable needs today!